The G8 was Gr-reat

The world’s most powerful people, sitting around a table in the most unlikely of places – yes, lowly little Northern Ireland. A generation ago, no-one in the world would have believed that we would be where we are today, but yet here we are!

This photograph was taken today at the Lough Erne resort in County Fermanagh, a wonderful spa resort that I led two tours of 60 folks to just days ago. We basked in the Irish sunshine whilst admiring the views, in the knowledge that we would be followed by the presidents and leaders who control most of the worlds wealth – wow!

I have to say that this is a very proud moment for me, and for all Northern Irish people. We have traveled a very long and difficult road, and in many ways this is a confirmation of all the risks taken. Some commentators in the media today were claiming that we were a ‘blueprint’ for the world- double wow!….

So here we are, and yet the journey continues. Would you like to join us? If so, I still have a few spots open for my August  ‘Shamrock & Peach’ tour, and this magnificent resort is on our itinerary – you could sleep were presidents slept – oh boy!

And now a little about the food, as this was part of the reason for this unique resort being chosen. My friend Chef Noel McMeel is the executive chef there and has the responsibility of serving diner tonight to these extra special guests -what an honour! And Noel is no novice, he is no less than the winner of the Best Chef in Fermanagh 2013 aware, and the Catalina restaurant Winner of the Best hotel restaurant in Fermanagh 2013 by the Restaurant Association of Ireland. I could not be more proud and happy for Noel who continues to soar from strength to strength in all his culinary accomplishments. The buzz in the kitchen must have been electric tonight as the food was carefully prepared and the plates were skillfully presented to the top world leaders.  Of course I am patiently waiting for the actual menu to be unveiled, but my mind wonders to the meal Noel recently prepared for my Shamrock and Peach tour guests and I wonder of some of the items we enjoyed were served tonight!? Culinary delights such as the Roast Crown of Dromoland Estate Quail, or the Salad of Dingle Bay Crab, a Pear and Raspberry Sorbet, Roast Rump of Glenhoy Lamb or baked Blackrock Stone Bass with pickled mushrooms, orange butternut puree, spinach, puff rice, coriander shoots and citrus reduction.  If you mouth is not watering yet how about the Lemon tart with lemon and basil sorbet, raspberry coulis and dairy cram or the Spiced Armagh apple Financier with yellowman and dulse ice cream, clove and mountain honey custard.  A tribute to what is good, wholesome and beautiful about Northern Irish food.

Yeah, for Northern Ireland and Yeah to Noel for raising the bar!

(Hope you liked it Mr. President!)


Judith the Irish foodie


3 thoughts on “The G8 was Gr-reat

  1. Dear Judith, can hardly believe we were there together, will never forget all our wonderful memories and stays and tastes. Looking forward to all the emails addresses so Icn keep in touch. Want you to know my friend, we will never forget you or our wonderful new friends and our trip to our Ireland! Please send me addresses of your Mom and Dad and Aunt Ann so I can mail them a note.

    Our trip with Willie was so much more than I could ever have hoped for. Other than being late the first day, he took such good care of us and was so funny and such a loving and kind man. Everywhere we went people know him and love him. We saw things I think most Irish people have never seen. Willie did everything he could to make my dream so wonderful. We laughed and talked forever and a day, and I will miss him forever! He is so knowledgeable and boy does he like to drive!!! We have become dear friends and I feel so blessed! Thank you, and I have been praying for you, your family, and Willie. I know you will be such a success for you are so dear and caring and want only the best for everyone. Please keep in touch as I would consider it a blessing to keep our new found friendship! God Bless and my love to all. Love Maggie

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    • My dear Maggie, you are a true delight and you and Jerry are some of just one of life’s most wonderful people. I will e-mail you the addresses for my family and want to call you on the phone to hear more about your Irish adventures with Willie, Sending you all my love, Judith xxx PS Thank you for signing up to come on the Shamrock and Peach tours and trusting me with your Irish dreams!

  2. Love Maggie

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