Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival

killer tomato-1

I did something really cool today and attended my friend Ford Fry’s (also known as the Top Tomato!) 5th annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival.  All the chefs there were thinking about the Atlanta heat,  and our first tastings of the day were tomato ice snow cones and ice pops with inventive names like roasted tomato cheesecake pop or the watermelon and cucumber gazpacho pop. Yummy indeed!

Escaping the outdoor heat, we began our afternoon of tasting tomato inspired bites by Atlanta’s brightest and best chefs, all giving tribute to Georgia’s local farmers by supporting Georgia Organics.  Tomato Festival 2013-1On the way to the bathroom, I spotted the Lee brothers at the judges table discussing what restaurant would get their vote. I always meet the coolest people on route to the bathroom!  Then, on the way back from the bathroom I got to meet Kevin Gillespie and congratulated him on the opening of his new restaurant called Gunshow.  Entertainment was provided by the all chef band “Five Bone Rack” followed by a hilarious band called the Spazmatics playing 80’ies throwback songs.   Another year has passed and I have watched and tasted this festival grow each year, an Atlanta tradition no doubt.

Till next time tomato lovers!


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