Eating in the garden of good and evil


The Shamrock and Peach just participated in the annual Irish dancers of Savannah Irish Feis held at the Savannah convention center.

So often it’s all work and little pressure (that’s what I tell my boys at home) but this weekend I decided to splurge on a local upscale restaurant aptly named Local 11 ten.  I have to take my hat off to Chef Brandy Williamson who has just got it right with respecting local ingredients and simple farmhouse table cooking concepts but still retaining an element of sophistication and effort.

Our meal experience began with a bowl of warm green olives imported from Italy packed with local marinated vegetables and hints of preserved lemon and the perfect bottle of pinot noir – and as an entree we ordered the day boat fish with a choice of 6 different sauce options and for sides perfectly cooked okra with shallots and brussell sprouts with Italian sausage. Yum indeed!

An article in Food and Wine recently described vegetables as the new big thing in dining, and for me they were the most memorable part of our meal. -In saying that though, the peach cobbler could not be passed up as I am in the Peach State, and I am the Shamrock and Peach after all  right?  Yup, one look and I was sold on the house made cinnamon ice cream and the cobbler was packed with fruit and very little batter just the way it should be.

Best of all is that I walked away inspired by good food and the evident love and respect of local ingredients.  Tonight it’s back to reality with piled high laundry and cooking dinner for 3 hungry boys but last night I had dinner in the garden of good and evil and it was good!  Tomorrow, I am buying the classic novel Midnight in the garden of good and evil set in my favorite city in Georgia where I want to return to again and again.


Our local farmers markets are full of summers best seasonal produce and with a little respect and a lot of love we can create food memories and those can be made with often the most inexpensive and simple ingredients.  It’s all good!

Judith the Irish foodie (just back from Savannah, GA)


2 thoughts on “Eating in the garden of good and evil

  1. Dear Judith, so enjoyed your commentary, old have loved to be there with you, the cobbler sounded awesome! Tell me how you like the novel. Hope your travels will be safe and memorable. Please contact Willie if you can……..God bless! Maggie

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