An ode to Blackberry picking


Reflecting on the influence of this Irish poet at his passing from my homeland in Ulster.  Few poems have gripped me more and in particular the poem entitled Blackberry picking.  At his passing it’s the time of year (late August/early September) where blackberries are growing wild in the hedges in Ireland.  One of my favorite childhood memories was to pluck these dark juicy berries and bring them home to make a blackberry and apple pie and big pot of jam.

My grandmother used to make black berry jelly too!  The poem infers the importance of living life in the moment as the blackberries just like life opportunities will become rotten and wasted if not used.

“Like thickened summer wine summers blood was in it leaving strains upon the tongue and lust for picking”

Pick and eat!

Judith the Irish foodie


One thought on “An ode to Blackberry picking

  1. Hi Judith bringing back many memories of blackberry picking and making a suet pudding! Sounds horrible now doesn’t it.

    Regards Fidelma (Armagh)

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