Part two – Cooking with Ford at Irish consulate private dinner event



What authentic Ulster Kitchen event could be without our classic Wild caught smoked salmon on Irish brown bread?  We topped the buttered bread with creme fraiche (cultured cream) hand made in Vermont (by Vermont butter and cheese creamery), capers, springs of dill and freshly ground black pepper.  You can find a recipe for Irish brown bread in the Shamrock and Peach bakery chapter adapted for the American cook.   If you can source freshly ground wheat from a small farm producer or can crush grain with your own mill your bread will taste more true to Irish brown bread.  Irish flour is much lower in gluten and milled in smaller batches with a much lighter texture and taste.

After welcome nibbles guests were seated for their salad and then soup course.  I have posted the recipe for my Pumpkin and lentil soup on a previous blog (page 99 in cook book) and it’s always a huge hit for fall.  I used red lentils that were so bright and colorful with the orange pumpkin and of course the sweet Georgia Vidalia onions.  The pureed soup was crowned with torn cinnamon croutons!

A change in the air as we embrace fall flavors!

Judith the Irish foodie





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