LaGrange Georgia and Craigavon NI sister city links


What has an Irish girl living in Atlanta got in common with LaGrange situated in the South West of Georgia on the shores of West Point Lake?  My home city Craigavon in Northern Ireland is a twin city thanks to the sister cities international.

After 3 hours of grueling rush hour Atlanta traffic,  in a drive that should only take an estimated 1.45 minutes by my GPS, I arrived at LaGrange Georgia for a book signing event.  Strangely, it kind of feels like home now leaving the big city of Atlanta for a small town community feel where every one knows whose your daddy.

My first stop is the LaGrange Troop county tourism office to see Page who displays brochures about Lough Neagh and Craigavon and copies of the Shamrock and Peach cook book.  This week I had a personal invitation from the LaGrange Spectator’s book club and we feasted on white chocolate and raspberry scones (prepared by a local LaGrange bakery for our event), Kerrygold blarney and Dubliner cheese and grapes (prepared by Nancy who hosted the event) and Irish butter shortbread (my contribution) all featured in the Shamrock and Peach cook book.

True Southern elegance is displayed by the woman of LaGrange Georgia and for me it’s becoming my second home from Craigavon.  After all LaGrange is just outside of Alabama where Ike to tell folks when they ask where on earth my accents from!

Top of the morning Y’all

Judith the Irish foodie


5 thoughts on “LaGrange Georgia and Craigavon NI sister city links

  1. Hey girlfriend, I miss you! So glad you are doing so good and by the way everything sounded so goooood! Wish I was there with you. Enjoy your drive back home. Luv Maggie

  2. Please remove the image of LaGrange, Georgia, from your blog. I own the image and took that picture in 2003 with my digital Olympus camera. Thank you for your cooperation – Valerie Mills

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