Sunday supper musings


Sunday Lamb-1 (1 of 1)What does Sunday supper mean to you?  In the South the traditional Sunday meat and three is referred to as Sunday supper.  While in Ireland and the UK we talk about having our Sunday roast where a celebratory joint of roast beef or lamb is consumed.

My boys love to walk in through the door after church on a Sunday morning and smell roast lamb wafting from the oven. At time of our lives where we are running to football games, basketball practices, business events and so it continues…our Sunday roast dinner is the one time we connect as a family.  Sunday dinners are change of perspective from the every day meal where we eat for nourishment and practicality. Gathering your family around the table is a commitment these days!  It seems strange that we draw need to draw from the old traditions to create new family perspectives.

Good meat makes good gravy and that can be said of good conversations, spending time together and those Sunday dinners that keep us close.

Judith the Irish foodie!



One thought on “Sunday supper musings

  1. Judith, I was just thinking about this very subject this week!! About how I would love to start a regular Sunday supper tradition. We are always so busy and often grab a quick bite to eat after church. I’d like to start doing this for the reasons you mention. Thank you for this encouragement!! XO

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