What’s your pie?


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and folks are already thinking about what kind of pie is going to grace the Southern table.  We are drawn to tradition around the holidays and long for a connection to our food heritage.  Last night I taught a cooking class a Whole foods supermarket Salud cooking school sponsored by Kerrygold butter and cheese. Our ending dessert to the three course Celtic holiday traditions menu was banoffee pie; a celebratory sweet in both the UK and Ireland.  This scrumptious pie was first invented in an English restaurant in 1972.

Southerners love their pies as we all know!  You can only imagine how thrilled I was to hear one of the students announce that she was going to add Banoffee to her Thanksgiving dessert menu.  My Shamrock and Peach cook book recipe is an Irish-Southern hybrid by adding crunchy Southern pecans to the crust.  Our cooking class began with special guests from the Drake school of Irish dance with our guests clapping and stomping their feet and I am sure my students were already guessing this was a class like no other.  Paul Bradley from Kerrygold presented an Irish cheese board and helped me out with a few good jokes and stories throughout the class.   The grand finale was the Banoffee pie and I am pleased to say it did not disappoint!

If you are like me you are already deciding what luscious pie is going to make grace your thanksgiving pie?  My hope and recommendation is that banoffee makes the list and remember to bake with Irish Kerrygold unsalted butter for the simply best results!

Judith the Irish foodie

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