Irish boys and the ladies

-celtic-thunder-celtic-thunder-30746252-2560-1727The fabulous Fox theater in Atlanta was packed out last to experience the new Celtic Thunder Mythology Tour 2014.   Now come on, what lady can resist a man in a kilt with an Irish accent?…I ask you!

My Southern girlfriends asked me if I was ready to “hoot and holler” when the Irish boys took the stage and it did not take me long to jump right in. We even got to meet some of the boys at the end of the concert and I loved talking to Ryan Kelly who is from the The Moy in Northern Ireland, just up the road from my home town in Co. Armagh.

These dashing Irish boys are hitting 62 cities in North America and I can only wish them all the best and continued success. I do not think I will make the Celtic Thunder Cruise this summer but I did overhear a few ladies mention that they would be available to apply sun tan lotion to the boys if needed – ooh yeah!  My plans are to be in Ireland next summer leading my own Shamrock and Peach tours but hey, I may not need just as much sun tan lotion…besides, I have my own Irish boy all to myself!!

Judith the Irish foodie