Belfast Narnia Festival marks 50 years for C. S. Lewis

Many of you may not be aware of this, but the beloved author C.S. Lewis, of Narnia fame, was actually born in Belfast, and spent his childhood with his northern Irish family in County Down.  So, yet again we’re claiming another hero…and this week marks 50 years since his passing…

This weekend marks the 50th year since the passing of the death of C. S. Lewis and Belfast is celebrating with a food festival, with foods inspired by Narnia.  I can imagine treats including marmalade rolls, sardines and Turkish delight being served to mark the life and work of one of our most loved literary sons – CS Lewis.

Next year we are offering 4 tours to Ireland including 2 that include Belfast and a chance to be enchanted and delve in to mystery.  If you would like to check out my itineraries please e-mail me directly

Be inspired to travel and cook some Narnia inspired treats!

Judith the Irish foodie

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