The Most Amazing Irish Gingerbread House – of Belfast City Hall!


Christmas simply would not be complete without plenty of treats and sweets to tuck into, right? But, would you fancy biting into this one? A Northern Ireland baker has created a totally unique treat just in time for Christmas; a gingerbread version of one of Belfast’s best-known buildings, the majestic City Hall…and I’m blogging some images here of how she did it!

Alex Begley made a scale version of Belfast City Hall completely out of gingerbread, decorated with thousands of candies, hundreds of candy canes and great dollops of coloured frosting. The piece even features the building’s courtyard and trademark green rooftops and took the talented baker over two weeks to construct…wow!

Alex, who runs a home bakery in Belfast, said she loves making cakes and baked desserts that are outrageous and eye-catching. The finished piece is 15.7 inches (40cm) high and 29.5 inches (74cm) long.

It stands on a board decorated to look like the grounds surrounding the building, with gummy bears placed around the glittery green board to represent people, and is topped off with a large chocolate Christmas tree. She planned out the entire baking process, and took sketches of the building to ensure that her piece would be as accurate as possible – which is quite something – check out the process below:

cutting out windows

stained glass


baking gingerbread

halfway built


Now, the question is – what is the most amazing gingerbread house you have ever made or saw? – I was just amazed by this one from my homeland…

Hope you’re all enjoying the season – stay tuned for some more Christmas recipes – I have some real goodies coming up!

Judie the Irish Foodie


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