Goodbye Autumn and Hello Winter

Noel McMeel and Judith McLoughlin

An Irish welcome in Atlanta Georgia



Jump in to Ireland

Noel and Judith joining in the fun at the Highland Games

October 31st means the end of autumn and the beginning of the winter months.  In Georgia we brought the autumn out with a bang (or billowing bag pipes) at this years Highland Games in Atlanta, Georgia as guests of Tourism Ireland.  Noel McMeel and I were welcoming our Southern Scots Irish kinsmen and ladies to come to Ireland and taste the goodness of Irish food.

On the menu we shared Wild Atlantic Salmon with Sea Weed and Capers, Irish Whiskey Cured Ham with Noel’s Guinness Red Onion Marmalade and Irish Goats Cheese with Toasted Oats and Local Georgia Pecans.  We got in to the spirit of the games, signed cookbooks, promoted tourism and there was no shortage of food, laughter and and fun. Having said that we are still working on our Highland Fling!

Not many folks in the US may not be aware that the roots of celebrating “All Hallowtide” came from the ancient Celts in Ireland.  The name has changed over the centuries to what we know as Halloween.  Many both culinary and cultural traditions were brought over from Ireland to the new world by early immigrants.  The carving and lighting of the pumpkin came from the Irish legend of Jack O Lantern.  This Irish bad boy is said to have asked the devil for light as he roams the earth and was given nothing but a piece of burning coal. Jack placed the burning ember in a carved turnip and the rest is history!

Celebrating the old world ties as we end one season and begin anew!   Wishing everyone fun tonight and keep an eye out for Jack!

Judith the Irish foodie





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