The Irish Christmas Goose


Christmas has always been a time of extravagant feasting to mark the end of a year, and the traditions in Ireland of cooking a Christmas Goose go back to “quarter days” of the year when accounts were settled. Delicious feasts marked the end of the harvest and traditions included putting the last sheaf of wheat on the table as a centerpiece, with the highlight of the meal always being the celebratory Christmas Goose!

In my new adopted homeland, my table-scape included hand picked Georgia cotton from the last of the harvest, magnolia leaves from my friends garden, red poinsettia flowers and pine from my own Roswell yard. It’s been a year of the greatest highs and lows for me, so cooking a Christmas gift seemed worthy of marking the end of our families personal harvest. We hung ornaments of Christmas Joy that were gifts from the party I catered for Keith and Kristen Getty and I baked and decorated our traditional annual Chocolate Yule log,  with our red bird looking on…of course

Wishing you a joy filled St. Stephens Day!

Judith the Irish foodie



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