Irish traffic jam with Shamrock and Peach tours


With all the buzz of the new Season 5 Game of Thrones it reminded me of a funny encounter we had last summer on Shamrock and Peach tours. We were on our way from the Giants Causeway to the Dark Hedges when a herd of dairy cows took over the road.  Our driver Mark was laughing so hard as all our tour guests started to frantically snap their cameras.  For the Irish locals a dairy cow traffic jam is a normal occurrence in the countryside.  Our coach driver worked on all the Game of Thrones cast providing transport to and from all filming locations for Season 4 so he was able to supply us with a few good stories.    Fans of Game of Thrones were blown away to see Ballycastle, home of the real Lady Catelyn Stark and Varys, Cushendun Caves, Ballinty (Pyke) Harbor and of course the Dark Hedges Aka The Kings Road.

“Of Ulster and Ireland, land of mystery and Mirth, full of the Joy and Living”  – quote by Gary McLoughlin Shamrock and Peach cook book

Joy in the Journey!




4 thoughts on “Irish traffic jam with Shamrock and Peach tours

  1. It may have been our tour, but Mark was our driver and we had the same cow-jams. What a sweet time with such laughter!

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  2. I’m so glad to see your bringing people to our great wee land of Northern Ireland, the food scene at home is truly world class, pure and full of flavour. Your guests will have a great time and I hope to pop along too for part of it! Keep up the great work Judith.

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