Enchanting Ireland awaits- Castle Leslie

Dining in Style

Dining table inside Castle Leslie in Co Monagan

There are still hidden places in Ireland that could be best described as ‘enchanting‘, and one such place me has to be ‘Castle Leslie‘ -where time, like a capsule, seems to stand still and you feel that just maybe magic exists.  There is no doubt that the presence of Sir Jack Leslie (the nephew of Sir Winston Churchill) adds the mystique of living history who tells stories about real battles, lords and ladies, Kings and Princes.

Last year our Shamrock and Peach Tour guests got a private tour of the interiors of the Castle by 92 year old Sir Jack, capturing each room with stories of grandeur including pointing out the glass cased christening robes of Sir Winston Churchill, antiques and paintings all worthy of a museum.  At night, turf fires are lit in each room downstairs and guests can sit and contemplate, rejuvenate and simply feel inspired by living history.  In the words of a poem carefully left on guest pillows “Where beauty and friendship embrace one another and troubles are left far behind”

The food is also something to remember at Castle Leslie and guests are truly pampered by the restaurant service and the food is seasonal, local and exquisite presentation.  My friend and head Chef Noel McMeel from the Lough Erne catered Paul McCartney’s wedding at Castle Leslie and when you go you can see why is renowned as the kind of place where memories are made.  You can experience this Castle, Castle Eske in Donegal and the famous Ashord Castle this June with Shamrock and Peach Tours this June on our Castles tours in addition to other Luxury resorts on our Legendary and Elegant Irish tour.



Magical Ireland indeed…

Judith x


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