Legendary Ireland… lets go!


Spring has sprung and summer is on it’s way.  The return of summer for me means I am getting ready to head to Ireland leading three groups of US guests to my homeland.  This year I am adding a new tour called Legendary Ireland where I explore not just the Irish history but the legends that surround it. So what is a Legend anyway?  The Latin word for Legends is Legenda that means “things to be read”.  So my interpretation is that legends are stories of people, events and places that have been written about in history but have not been proven as factual.

Ireland is the place of Legends where stories have been passed on from generation to generation and blended with history.  One of our first stops on the tour is the Giants Causeway on the furthest Northern point of Ireland.  We know that a geographical explanation of why these unique hexagonal shaped rocks appeared is logical, but how more fun to learn the stories the Ulster Giant Finn McCool?  Legend has it that this Ulster giant battled against the Scottish rival Benandonner and chased him home tarring up the causeway path on his retreat.   Or how about the Megalithic monument that we know to be a burial chamber in Co. Clare; but are we not more stirred by the legend that it could be the opening to another dimension?  Oh the places, the quiet spaces and legends of times past and the people who have gone before and left their stories only to come alive again to those who travel to Ireland.

So jump in to Ireland this summer if you still have not made plans and you too can explore not just history but a place of legends.

Judith the Irish foodie (Shamrock and Peach tours)



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