Cooking up modern Irish food at the Lough Erne

This summer I got to spend 8 weeks in Ireland and I am returning to Georgia more inspired than ever to cook modern Irish food.  One of the highlights of my time in Ireland was spending time in the kitchens of the Lough Erne working with the Chefs.

Time after time my tour guests are literally blown away by the flavors, presentation and creativity of Irish cuisine.  Our modern Irish food highlights the main ingredient of each dish with subtle flavors such as “Breast of Duck with Beetroot, Carrot Cream, Wild Mushroom, Water Cress Puree, Orange Jelly and Duck and Orange reduction” or the “Vanilla Pana Cotta with textures of Apple”.

On my return to Ireland I caught up on the past episodes of the Bachelorette and I was so excited to see filming at the Lough Erne Resort.  For those of you who admit watching the show you may have enjoyed the entertaining golfing scene and the couples romantic spin in the golf cart?  It’s really exciting to see Ireland being promoted as a world class cultural and culinary destination.

My thanks to the Noel McMeel and the outstanding chefs at the Lough Erne who continually exceed expectations to guests dining at the resort and are a tribute to the Emerald’s Isles new food revolution.  It’s been a wonderful summer in Ireland but I am glad to be back home to Georgia with fresh legs for the Shamrock and Peach.

Judith the Irish foodie


2 thoughts on “Cooking up modern Irish food at the Lough Erne

  1. Delightful Judith.

    Sent you an email several weeks ago wondering if you have made plans for an Eire-Scotland trip. Know you were thinking of one several years ago.If so, I am very interested.

    Barbara Breitenstein and I have been playing phone tag. She said they had a good time on their tour. We will catch up one of these days.

    Greet Gary and the boys for me. Orechitas this year will be in Dallas, if you are interested I will send you the details. Always the first week in Dec. I have our hotel reservations already.

    Warm regards, Suzanne

    Ps when can we look for a second cookbook??? Sent from my iPad


  2. Yes, I am planning on Dallas in December and would love more details to secure a booth if you can e-mail me? We are planning on Scotland next year and I will e-mail you more information shortly. Thanks a million for referring friends for my tours! You are truly ‘the best’! Sending much love Judith xx PS the next book is in progress and thanks for the spur forward…..

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