The joy of the Irish dance

Irish Dancing

Irish Craic with music and dance

The Shamrock and Peach ventured West to Dallas last weekend to attend the 2015 Southern Region Irish dancing Championship.   Even after all these years I am still in awe of the Irish dance and believe there is no other dance quite like it in the world.  The winners will be heading to the World Championship that will be held next year in Glasgow, Scotland.  So, loads of excitement and adventures ahead and wishing success to all the dancers to keep on preserving our wonderful Irish culture.

My drive West from Atlanta to Dallas included driving through four states Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas and I am amazed by the vastness of this great country.  Next summer I will be leading four fun filled tours including three to Ireland and one to Scotland!  I do hope some of you will be joining me on next years adventures?  My talented husband has been been producing framed artwork using old barn wood of images from Ireland and Scotland that I have been selling at my events.  Hope you enjoy a couple of my personal favorite images from places we visit on my tours next summer.  Dream of Ireland and go!

Wishing you the Joy of the Irish dance in the busy holiday season!

Judith the Irish foodie


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