A strong Dollar stretches further

Strong Dollar Benefits

Dream of Ireland and Go

This year is a great time to go to Ireland because of the benefits of the strong dollar.  The slogan for my tour business is “Dream of Ireland and Go” because for many of us there is always something stopping us from hitting the “Go” button.  The changes in the global economy means the US dollar is strong – not so good for some things, but a great time for Americans to travel this summer.  All good things come to an end so we know that the historic strength of the dollar will not last.

The great news is that your money will go further! So, you can have a cup of coffee a dollar cheaper on Grafton street in Dublin than you could in your local Starbucks!

An Irish coffee

Enjoying a cup of coffee in Grafton Street


If you plan to take advantage of a great time to visit Ireland or Scotland, please consider coming with Shamrock and Peach tours.  We have some wonderful new tours and would love to welcome you to Ireland or Scotland to enjoy a trip of a lifetime

My dates are May 29th to June 4th Legendary Ireland, June 12th to June 18th Elegant Ireland, June 27th to July 3rd Castles tour of Ireland and  July 24th to 30th Historic Scotland tour!  Prices starting at $2195, our highly competitive costs include luxury hospitality, transportation, food, entertainment, fees and more…

Check out for more information



Judith the Irish foodie



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