The Best thing I ever ate in Ireland (part 2)

Showstopping dessert

Warm Dark Chocolate Tart with Raspberry Sorbet

This week we are celebrating Valentines Day so my mind is twirling with Dark Chocolate and Raspberries and I was brought back to an Irish food memory.  In fact, one of our favorites was a showstopping Warm Dark Chocolate Tart with Raspberry Sorbet….super delicious!!

We always end our tours with dinner in the Saddle Room Restaurant at the Shelbourne Hotel and the results are always sweet.  Each dessert at the Shelbourne is presented like a piece of prized art work,  the chocolate tart is served warm topped with lightly toasted meringue and pairs beautifully with fresh raspberry coulis, raspberry sorbet and a fabulous sugar spun accent.  A little taste of heaven on a plate….

The Shelbourne Hotel itself has been an iconic landmark for over 100 years and it’s historic elegance lives up to it’s name, earning 5 Stars for good reason.  The dining room is described as having dark oak walls with rich splashes of gold and it is very elegant indeed.

Head Chef Garry Huges uses the finest Irish ingredients and he is my pick for this weeks best thing I ever ate in Ireland series.  Part 2 of a 5 part series, look out for part 3 next week.

Group Selfie on tour

Guests on the Shamrock and Peach Tours

Our Guests taking a group selfie (I am at the back of the coach causing trouble)

Our new website has lots of fun new pictures so please check it out…

Hope to see you in Ireland…

Judith the Irish foodie


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