Discovering the real St Patrick…

Shamrock and Patrick-1

St. Patrick’s statue in Armagh, and a shamrock on the Antrim coast…

What does St. Patrick’s day mean to you? Hearty beers and beef? How about shamrocks and green top hats? Or the river running through the city dyed bright green? Or just a fun night out with great friends? Well, the thing is that St. Patrick actually means a lot of things to different people, and I say…happy days!  After all, if Irish culture can be celebrated like this once a year with folks having fun and enjoying themselves, then why not? – but what about ‘ol Saint Paddy himself?

Most people don’t think about it, but St. Pat was quite a man. A trailblazer, a peacemaker, a kingmaker, a leader, a pastor, a father figure, a statesman, a writer and the stuff of legends, even in his own lifetime. He spent a lot of his time and founded his first church at Saul in County Down in the north of Ireland, and to this very spot I bring groups of guests each year on my tours to hear about Patrick’s inspiring story.  – We all squeeze into this wonderful place that was founded in the 5th century and marvel at the history and the legend. – How could one man achieve so much and now be celebrated the world over?

The Saul church - St. Patrick's first church founded in the 5th century

The Saul church – St. Patrick’s first church founded in the 5th century

County Down and Saint Patrick’s country is so inspiring that we actually always spend a day in this region whilst on the Shamrock and Peach Irish Tour – and why not? apart from the eye-opening and inspiring history around every corner, it’s also a very beautiful place with the Mourne Mountains sweeping down to the sea – a place that has to be seen to be believed.

So, take a moment this March 17th, and think of the man himself – then consider joining me on one of our tours this summer and I’ll introduce you to him personally! – We will walk in his footsteps, look out to sea and dream…let’s go!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!
Judie the Irish Foodie XX


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