How Brexit is good news


During the climax of the summer travel season, Britain has chosen to leave the European Union through a popular vote known as Brexit. While markets are scrambled abroad, many immediate effects of Brexit are taking effect, namely the exchange rate between the American dollar and the British pound. With the pound being recorded at its lowest point in 30 years, the dollar is triumphing, providing American travelers noticeable discount on prices paid throughout Britain.

In simple terms, Americans visiting Northern Ireland and Scotland can truly gain a lot more bang for their buck, literally. The most noticeable ‘bang’ we are seeing is one that holds most Americans back from their dream vacations, air fare. Flight tickets from the US to Northern Ireland and Scotland are currently around the price range of $400-500 for a round-trip. This is understandably unheard of, due to the fact that just two or three years ago summer flights to Northern Ireland and Scotland were floating around the $1,800 range. So go on, the age-old burden of the expense of air travel has been relieved for you to live your dream, check off another item on the bucket list, and seek adventure, nothings holding you back now!

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Enjoy your summer!

-Judie the Irish foodie

Irish tours begin – sun and fun for all!

Summer is here at last, and my tours of Ireland have begun! After months of careful preparation, phone calls, emails, events and more the time has finally arrived, and I could not be more excited to share the beauty of Ireland with another group of my wonderful guests.

My first tour this year was particularly blessed with majestic weather, which made the beauty of the land shine all the more and I really believe some of my guests were deeply impacted by the landscape and history. Few places are so beautiful when the sun shines, believe me! -I just love to see the smiles on the faces of people when we turn a corner and a mountain vista opens up, or a castle comes into view. This is why I do what i do…

more to come…hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Judith…somewhere of Paddy’s green Irish shore!