Poultry capital of the world

gainesville ga


This weekend the Shamrock and Peach traveled to Gainesville Georgia.  Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains Gainesville Georgia is called the Poultry capital of the world due to the large amount of processing plants.  But, I discovered the town has more to offer than great chicken!

The impact that the early Scots Irish settlers had on setting the rich hospitality of the South are evident in these strong Georgia towns.  Although subtle and unrecognised my most I never feel more connected to my Irish roots by the genuine welcome and sincerity of Southern folks.

The Shamrock and Peach was one of over 70 other vendor booths participating in the annual holiday marketplace event with other small local businesses in Georgia. The buttermilk pie company caught my eye immediately with coconut, pumpkin, pecan, apple and their signature buttermilk pie.  Our love of buttermilk is poured in to our brown and white soda breads in Ireland but in Georgia it’s all about the pie!  Got to love a slice of that kind of love!  Why eat bread when you can have pie?

So many people expressed excitement of coming on an intimate Shamrock and Peach tours of Ireland and naturally our Irish food is a huge draw to Southern foodies.  The last thing I ate on my way home was a chicken salad with a perfect hint of smoke from a local deli who cooks their meat on a green egg.   It’s not called the poultry capital of the world for nothing and one thing is for sure Scots Irish hospitality is alive and well in Gainesville Georgia and I will be back!

Judith the Irish foodie