Turkey twice!

Thanksgiving 2013 (1 of 20)The great thing about living in America is that we get to enjoy turkey twice – what?  …yes, for Irish folks, we always always have turkey on Christmas day, complete with all the traditional British style trimmings, brussel sprouts, Christmas pud, sweet mince pies, etc. – and we can’t drop the habit!

I realize that in the US most folks here only have turkey at thanksgiving – gobble, gobble and all that, and something different for Christmas, but we can’t do that. We just can’t pass up the opportunity, we just love it too much!

So, for us, it’s turkey twice!

The photo above from our Thanksgiving dinner today with orange and cranberries, sweet potato casserole and pecans, braised kale with vidalia onions and of course pumpkin pie to celebrate our new adopted Georgia homeland….yum!

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

Judie the Irish Foodie!