The best thing I ever ate in Ireland (number #1)

Dessert perfection!

Banana Praline Parfait

I am ending this ‘best thing I ever ate in Ireland’ series from my Shamrock and Peach Irish tours with a sweet note – ‘Banana Praline Parfait’.  The dessert was served at the Beechill Country House Hotel in Derry-Londonderry by Head Chef Ryan Burke.  I loved this dessert so much that I recreated it for my family yesterday for Easter Sunday.  So thanks to Chef Ryan for sharing his recipe and I cannot wait to dine again in June with some more guests from the US.

One of my favorite things about dining at the Beechill Country House is the quality of the vegetables, fruits and herbs that are grown in the walled in garden on site.  The garden has been restored to recreate what life would have been like 200 years ago.  Inspiration from the modern menu comes from a historic cook book written by ‘a lady’ by the name of Mrs Skipton (a previous owner of the Beechill). Some of the recipes in the historic cook book are most amusing given the time they were written and a fun buy on Amazon, especially after staying at the Beechill Country House and seeing the restored walled gardens for yourself.  After all it’s the power of great stories that make the best food memories!

Finally,  I hope to see some of you in Ireland to try some of these delicious dishes created by some of our best Irish Chefs.

Judith the Irish foodie

Banana Parfait-17



Derry at night So, it’s almost time for me to kiss goodbye to hubby pack the bag and head off to the green fields and warm welcomes of Ireland to lead another Shamrock & Peach Culinary tour   – (  and I can’t wait! And this time we will be visiting the ancient walled city of Derry right in the middle of their ‘UK City of Culture’ celebrations, including the Fleadh music festival…thousands of people from across Ireland and Europe indeed will be flocking to this most interesting city to soak in the culture and ‘craic’…

Don’t know what I’m taking about? …then let me invite you to watch the video from the URL link below. This video actually brought tears to our eyes when we watched it as we are so proud of how far our wee country has come!

…Derry city of culture video

So it’s off I go, hi-ho hi-ho!….check out my updates as the food and fun is going to be grrrreat!

Judie the Irish Foodie