Congratulations to Rory McIlroy and Erica

Built in 1228

800 years of history

Shamrock and Peach would like to congratulate Northern Irish Golfer Rory McIlroy and Erica Stoll on their recent marriage and wedding at Ashford Castle, in Co. Mayo.  It’s just lovely to see a fellow countryman enjoy so much success and still maintain the Irish values of humility and generosity. I loved reading how the couple met in 2012 and did not date until 2015 and Rory appreciated the fact they were friends first before going out together.  The fairy tale wedding was this past weekend at the 800 year old Ashford Castle built by the Anglo-Norman de -Burgos.  The castle has had several owners since including the famous Guinness family.  The Castle is nestled in 350 acres of gardens and woodlands and the perfect setting for this grand affair.

Shamrock and Peach tours are gearing up to visiting the Castle staying at the Lodge at Ashford this June.  Here a few pictures from our stay last year!

Keep up the great work Rory and we will be raising a toast to you this June!

Joy in the Journey!

Judie the Irish foodie


Our Irish family wedding


Our real reason for an extra trip home to Ireland this summer was to attend the marriage of my beautiful niece Lucie to David at Castle Leslie Estate.  The wedding was stylish, relaxed and elegant and I thought you would enjoy looking at some of the photographs form the big day. For those who have been on one of the Shamrock and Peach tours to Ireland and stayed in Castle Leslie you will not be surprised that the food was one of the best meals I have been served at a wedding and the service never disappoints.

My niece who just got married is studying nutrition at University in Edinburgh, Scotland and she has a great blog with some really healthy and tasty recipes.  I am a big fan of her healthy oatmeal toppings and breakfast granola so go on give her a follow at juicy lucie foods

My next blog will be a recipe “I promise” but I could not resist sharing about the wedding. So Congratulations to Lucie and David!  We are all so proud of you!

Judith the Irish foodie