One more for the road


There is still room for one more drink for the road if you live in rural county Kerry!  In contrast to the ever increasing drink driving restrictions here in the US;  county Kerry just passed a motion to let certain rural drivers drive after two or three drinks. No orange jump suits for the drivers of tractors with one too many in county Kerry!  We all are famiiar that in Ireland the pub represents the local community hang out and a way for people to socialize, wind down and catch up on their daily lives.  Local country Kerry councilman believes drinking helps beat depression and mental illness and restrictive drink driving laws keeps older folks locked up in their homes instead of getting out and enjoying good company and Irish craic (Irish word for good times) in their local pub.  Could this be the real solution to depression?  You know we all like to have a good old laugh at the Irish steriotypes, but maybe there’s a lesson to be learned. There is nothing better than making time to spend with friends and heading out for a good time instead of being cooked up at homewatching mindless television shows.  The Irish could indeed be having the last laugh!


Judith the Irish foodie